Internship Program

DreamWorks offers students and recent grads the opportunity to work alongside artists and storytellers in TV and Feature Animation. Interns take a deep dive into real productions, learn the 2D & CG pipeline and get a taste for what it is like to work in a creative environment. Internships are offered annually, three times a year in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Open to students and recent grads (recent grads should apply within the six month window post graduation), Internships are paid, 10 weeks long, and are offered remotely and/or on a hybrid basis, depending on the department. Please see below to learn more about when to apply & what opportunities we offer.

    The ideal Intern will showcase the following qualities:
  • Curious & Hungry to Learn
  • Passionate About Animation
  • Doesn’t Take Themselves Too Seriously
  • Proactive & Resourceful in Finding the Answers
  • Comfortable with Feedback
  • Confident in Making Your Own Decisions
  • Self-Motivated: Because You Have to Want It
  • Not Afraid to Ask Questions or Seek Help
  • Positive Attitude

Due to increasing popularity and an overwhelming amount of applications to our Internship Program we need plenty of time to review applications to match up the right candidate with the right team! We encourage you to submit the application by the deadlines below!

Fall 2023 Applications Open June 26
Fall 2023 Applications Open
June 26, 2023
Fall 2023 Applications Close July 7
Fall 2023 Applications Close
July 7, 2023

Specific Internship Offerings vary by season.

Departments we typically offer Internships in include:

  • Visual Development
  • Image Finaling
  • Story
  • Feature/TV Animation Production
  • Business Affairs/Legal
  • Current/Preschool Series
  • Development
  • Employee Engagement & Events
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Music
  • Publicity
  • Software Engineering
  • Talent Relations & Casting
  • Technical Direction

Trainees gain hands-on experience on a Television or Feature production while learning from award-winning artists. In addition to working directly on an actual production, Trainees are exposed to a strategically designed, comprehensive curriculum taught by industry and studio professionals. Directors and Artists mentor the Trainees in this full time, paid, 12 week long immersive program which is offered on an annual basis and is open to recent college graduates within five years of graduation or to those pivoting from a different career/industry. To learn more about when these programs are offered, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram to keep up to date on upcoming program announcements.

Applications Closed
2022 Trainee Program Applications
Applications open TBD
2023 Trainee Program Applications

DreamWorks strives to introduce and carve a path for Black students in animation. LAUNCH: HBCU Fellowship Program is a talent development program that identifies driven and passionate students across multiple HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to participate in an 8-week curriculum of various workshops, courses and speaker series that aim to open up pathways for Black students to a career in animation. The goal of this program is to continue DreamWorks’ ongoing commitment to eliminate barriers in animation for the Black community.

Fellows will build their professional network, attend weekly workshops, and receive mentorship from DreamWorks leaders/creatives. Open to students and recent graduates of HBCUs, this program offers a stipend to all Fellows who successfully complete the program.

2023 LAUNCH Program Applications Closed
2023 LAUNCH Program Applications

Open to graduates with less than 2 years of work experience in the animation industry, the Animator Apprentice Program gives aspiring animators the chance to gain hands-on experience through a 12 week intensive training program within Feature Animation. Upon successful completion of the 12 weeks of training, Apprentices are given the opportunity to move into cycles animation and from there, Assistant Animators. Apprentices are mentored by the Resident Program Lead and their individually assigned mentors throughout the duration of the program. They are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum taught by industry and studio professionals. Apprentices will be led through multiple assignments that focus on building their animation skills and prepare them for the Cycles Animation Team. The Program is a 12 week, full-time and paid opportunity and is covered by the Animation Guild.

2023 Program Dates To Be Decided
2024 Program Dates
Coming Soon in 2024

Diversity Outreach

The DreamWorks Early Career Programs & Diversity Outreach Team is dedicated to creating strategies that will help attract, recruit and develop a diverse pipeline of talent. School outreach is a large component of what we do. We not only target college level students and recent graduates but also look to junior/high school level students in an effort to educate and inspire the Gen Z population.

One of our annual outreach initiatives is DreamWorks Immersion Day. With the help of creative minds that lead our studio's Employee Resource Groups, Immersion Day was born in 2020 in an effort to foster diversity in animation. Its goal is to empower students that otherwise would not have access to creative industries by bringing in high schoolers from several low-SES communities across the Los Angeles area. We hope that through experiences like Immersion Day not only will DreamWorks benefit from diverse perspectives, but that communities traditionally underrepresented within animation will find a sense of belonging. Check out the 2020 Immersion Day video below!

Founded in 2020, the Summer Speaker Series has grown into an annual, week-long virtual event reaching students and professionals across the globe. This series features a variety of topics ranging from Achieving Authentic Representation to Black Creatives in Animation. Open to all, this series aims to provide an inside look into our studio and the creative minds behind our beloved television shows and feature films. Check back on our Instagram and LinkedIn for announcements for the next Summer Speaker Series

Success Stories

“Interning at Dreamworks was amazing! The program exceeded my expectations and provided a supportive environment that encouraged me to grow and explore my interests. This opportunity allowed me to network with industry professionals, learn about the industry, and practice valuable skills that directly translated into early career responsibilities.”

- Kendall, Former TV Production Intern, Fall 2021
   Current TV Production Assistant

“Through my internship I was tasked with various hands-on responsibilities that luckily already made me feel like I was an integral part of the team. I think getting to take on those responsibilities as an intern made the transition into becoming a full-time Production Assistant smooth. The team I interned with were always willing to answer my questions and walk me through any processes I might've had trouble with. They did such a wonderful job with training me that once I was brought on full-time, the only big difference was that I worked 5 days a week instead of 3 (which was very exciting).”

- Ellie, Former Feature Production Intern, Summer 2022
   Current Feature Production Assistant

“I had applied for the program because I was looking for an opportunity to break into the animation industry after leaving my almost 10 year career in banking in 2018, going back to school the same year after an 8 year hiatus and finally graduating in May of last year. I completed my internship in April, 2022 with the Gabby's Dollhouse Team and was offered a permanent position two weeks before it ended and I was absolutely on cloud nine! After many, many years I was finally working in the industry that I had wanted to be in since I was young. I had made the first part of my dream come true!

- Mike, Former TV Production Intern, Summer 2022
   Current TV Production Assistant

“During the 12 weeks, I had the great opportunity to work on Abominable with an amazingly talented crew while building my portfolio pieces under the mentorship of an art director on TV. Every week, I received invaluable feedback on my production/personal work from my art director and mentor. The program provided me with so many helpful learning resources through virtual workshops and lectures. I got to connect with many professionals through the program as well. It was definitely beyond my expectations!

- Jiyoung, Former TV Art Trainee, Summer 2022
   Current TV Visual Development Artist

“The Trainee Program allowed me to refine my work and the skills I already cultivated in a live production environment. I was encouraged to experiment and fail as often as I could by my mentors, and I was willing to do so knowing I had a safety net woven from their vast experiences to lean on. I got to make mistakes and learn quickly, as well as meaningfully contribute to the production. I've just finished up my first year as a full-time Storyboard Revisionist on Dragons: The Nine Realms, and I couldn't be more thankful for the work I get to do every day.”

- Chad, Former TV Story Trainee, Summer 2021
   Current TV Storyboard Revisionist

“DreamWorks has always been a staple of my childhood since I watched Shrek in theaters at a young age. Of course, being accepted to the DreamWorks Internship Program was an absolute dream! Working as an intern was a learning experience that eventually prepared me to understand the ins and outs of the industry. There are too many moments that I cherished during my internship but my favorite one has to be the day when the interns collectively painted murals for Franklin Elementary School. Not only was it a day of creativity, but it was also a heartwarming day where we knew that the students would appreciate the outcome of their new library! Not only did this program help me prepare myself production-wise, but it eventually landed me a job as a production assistant, to production coordinator, and ultimately as the new Vis Dev Artist for Gabby's Dollhouse! I am extremely thankful for the journey it took me to where I am now! I honestly could not have done it without the amazing internship program and the people I have met throughout my career. Thank you, Early Career Team!”

- Eugene, Former Custom Animation Intern, Summer 2020
   Current TV Visual Development Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates must be pursuing an Associate, Bachelor or Graduate degree at a College/University (or equivalent), or be a recent graduate (within six months of graduation date).

Candidates must be a recent graduate or entry-level (up to five years out of school), re-entering the workforce or pivoting from other industries.

Candidates must be a student or recent graduate (within six months of graduation date) and must be attending/attended an HBCU in order to be considered. If you are unsure if your educational institution is an HBCU, please contact your Career Center/Counselor.

Yes, international students are eligible to apply.

The Internship Program is 10 weeks long and offered three times a year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Trainee Program is offered once a year for 12 weeks with an opportunity to extend for an additional amount of time based on performance and business need. The LAUNCH: HBCU Fellowship Program is 8 weeks long.

Our studio is located in Glendale, California. Our Internship and Trainee Programs are offered remotely and/or on a hybrid basis. This will be specified in the job description when applying to specific positions. The LAUNCH Fellowship Program is offered virtually.

Yes, all of our early career programs are paid at a competitive hourly rate. The LAUNCH Fellows receive a stipend.

The interns will gain exposure to studio leaders and have the opportunity to participate in artistic & bonding events.

Yes! While employment is not guaranteed, dozens of interns and Trainees have successfully converted into full time roles at the studio. LAUNCH Fellows are encouraged to apply for our Internship/Trainee programs and even full time opportunities at the studio.

All majors and levels are welcome!

Yes, please see the Application Deadlines section.

Depending on the role you are applying for you may be asked to take part in different types of interviews. This may include phone screens, requests for work samples, video or in-person interviews. The recruiter will walk you through each step of the process. Continue to check your application status by logging into your candidate profile & selecting “Candidate Zone”.

Due to the overwhelming amount of applicants, please give us 3-4 weeks after the application window closes to notify you of your status.

Unfortunately, we do not offer housing and relocation assistance. Interns and Trainees are expected to cover their own relocation, housing, and daily transportation. We can however offer suggestions and connect you with other interns looking for housing. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

In addition to your portfolio, we also place an emphasis on your resume: work experience, community involvement, and student leadership experience. With that in mind, keep your resume to one page, keep it organized and include any relevant experience.

When the Internship you are applying for involves heavy writing and communication skills (i.e. Publicity, Digital Marketing, etc.), the cover letter will be highly scrutinized. Pay close attention to the job description to see if a cover letter for the internship/trainee program you are applying for is required. The cover letter does not need to be addressed to anyone in specific. A cover letter should not be a regurgitation of your resume, keep it short, simple and no more than one page.

An ideal visual development portfolio will showcase a strong design foundation of perspective, composition, painting, lighting and color theory. You can include personal projects, academic projects, or professional projects in your portfolio.

An ideal story portfolio will contain strong storyboard samples (the samples can be personal projects, academic projects, or professional projects). Include your story thought process through: sketches, character poses, facial expressions, designs, etc.