With decades of industry-leading innovation, DreamWorks Technology continues to engage with artists to collaboratively push out creativity boundaries. We increase the artistic vision through research and development. Working with the productions of today with an eye towards where future technology needs to be. Leveraging our solid, scalable infrastructure and services allows our studio an expansive capacity to grow and adapt both within and outside of our digital walls.


To make industry-defining visuals in animation you need technology that rises to the same level. DreamWorks Technology continues to deliver innovation across all areas of the artistic pipeline working to remove constraints on artists to let them focus on their craft. Our technical visionaries have won numerous awards for our technology, delivered countless talks, panels, and papers, and given back to the community through open source projects.


We unleash creativity. We ignite inspiration. We fuel innovation. DreamWorks Technology pushes boundaries to propel forward the now and to build for the future. We work closely with our artists to achieve visual beauty. We work to scale our services beyond our walls. We work to deliver impact.

Innovate. Create. Inspire. Repeat.

Art infused with Technology: DreamWorks Animation