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Plucked from his duties as the apprentice noodle maker at his dad’s shop, Po is now the legendary Dragon Warrior, and, he’s already saved the world a few times.

But despite all the adulation, Po is the same humble panda. Ever the fan boy, he is just as likely to stare slack-jawed at his fellow Furious Five’s Kung Fu moves, as he is to dish out some himself. Though he is living out his dreams fighting alongside the stars of the Kung Fu world, Po’s journey is not complete. The role of Dragon Warrior comes with new challenges and responsibilities Po must face on his way to becoming the best Kung Fu warrior he can be.

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Fighting Style:

The traditional styles of Kung Fu aren’t a good fit for a six-foot-two-inch, 260 pound panda. Shifu discovers that for Po to become the Dragon Warrior, he must embrace Po’s inherent panda nature an exploit his physical attributes... including his generous belly and rear end. In the end, Po creates his own style that uses his perceived weaknesses as his strengths.
Po hits Tai Lung with his belly

Previous Job:

Clumsy Noodle Maker.
Po puts his arm around Mr. Ping