Kung Fu Panda 3: A Minecraft World
Players will begin their journey from Po’s village to reach the Panda Village. In order to gain entry into the Panda Village they must possess all 6 special discs. These 6 discs are located throughout the Kung Fu Panda Minecraft World and can be found on the way to the Panda Village.
Some discs are hidden in plain sight while others may require additional skills. Once the players reach the Panda Village players will have additional challenges to complete in order to unlock the PvP arena and Player Villages.

Mini Game Challenges:
1. Rock climber: Players climb up a mountain as fast as they can to avoid falling
2. Cliff Diver: Players dive down from a tower avoiding obstacles, landing in water to survive
3. Underwater Maze: Players will hold their breath as they swim through an underwater maze
4. Archery: Players will have a bow and arrows and will need to hit the different color flags to gain points
5. Hall of Pandas: Players will move along a bridge without stepping on the broken bricks

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