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Kung Fu master Shifu is very good at his job as trainer to the “best of the best” Kung Fu warriors in all of China.

He’s a strict, difficult to please teacher who pushes his students ever harder to achieve the achievement of unachievable perfection. Even though he has been elevated to Oogway’s position as spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace, Shifu is a few steps shy of enlightenment. Though he tries his best, he strains under the pressure and responsibilities of stepping into such big shoes. Sometimes…all right most times, Po’s antics can still send his old master searching for calm in a cup of hot tea and a meditative chant of “Inner peace… Inner peace…” Po thinks of him as “the least Zen Zen Master.”

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Fighting Style:

Master Shifu is trainer to all the great kung fu warriors in the land, including the Furious Five. Though small, Shifu is a powerhouse, exerting maximum force with minimal effort, exemplified by his signature move, the Wuxi Finger Hold, which overpowers an opponent with the touch of a finger. Shifu’s elusiveness borders on the mystical. He’s capable of appearing where he’s least expected within the blink of an eye.
Shifu gets into fighting stance