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It takes a wise and enlightened guy to create something like Kung Fu – a way to protect the soft and weak from the hard and strong.

Actually, it took a tortoise like Oogway. The former warrior turned spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace dedicated his life to protecting the small and vulnerable. He was the perfect sage to dispense advice and shepherd the land’s inhabitants along the pathway to peace and enlightenment. Though he has moved on from our realm to the spirit world, his oft-indecipherable wisdom still guides the Valley as it has for 1000 years - sometimes in the form of a well-timed message from the Universe.

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Fighting Style:

A master of Tai Chi and the soft forms of Kung Fu, it could be said that Oogway fights without fighting. The spirit of Tai Chi not only defines Oogway’s movement, but also his personality. In the mythology of the “Kung Fu Panda” films, Oogway invented Kung Fu.
Oogway gazes as the starry sky